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Pittsburgh Flowers

Flowers are a necessary piece of any event to celebrate. They are a traditional part of both glad and grave moments. Our special moments turn out to be more exquisite and wonderful. That is the reason florists are there to enable you to pick the ideal ones. Gidas Flowers offer a varied range of blooms with assured freshness. So what makes the flowers here so special?


Freshness assured

Flowers are a form of expression. They communicate emotions through colour and fragrance, which is why it is important to pay special attention to them. Gidas Flowers approaches a more unmistakable assurance of fresher, higher quality blooms and greenery than you can buy from the capacity. Likewise, they ensure the blooms are dewy fresh for the event. Therefore to preserve freshness, florists here offer assistance at all stages ranging from design to the final placement at your venue.

Beautiful and unique arrangements

Here abundant blooms are amassed together and hues are blended to frame arrangements, Planning the decoration is essential remembering the correct size, shape, hues and sort of blooms utilized and their arrangement. Florists here have a wonderful ability in making embellishing outlines. Creativity is key when you have to consider outstanding floral approaches and outlines that catch customer’s eyes.

Services provided

Gidas Flowers provide a wide range of fresher, high-quality flowers and greenery than you can buy from the storage. Along with quality assurance, hassle-free delivery service is provided to the clients. What is the fun of the moment if all you have to stay worried about the freshness of flowers? The team here is capable in all aspects of plant care and keep up a wide assortment of the blooms and greenery. Apart from the flowers, they also provide a wide selection of vases, stands, containers and other decorations, thereby offering the clients a wonderful service.

Pittsburgh Florist
Pittsburgh Florist

Available as per your demand

Envision a situation in which your choice of flowers is not available in the midst of the season. Be that as it may, this is nothing to stress in the event that you have picked Gidas Flowers as your florist. They have a wide network, subsequently, a huge assortment of blooms and greenery is accessible for the occasion. Both online and offline orders are accepted here. For your special events, pre-orders are accepted so that there is nothing to fall short of. Also, the team gathers as much information as possible about your floral choice before settling upon one. For bulk orders, complete assistance is provided to preserve the freshness of flowers.

Reasonable price

Your happy moments might turn out to be a hole-burner for your pocket. But there is nothing to stress about it as the flowers available here have a very reasonable price. All the decorations are done within the price guidelines set by the clients and you’ll never be disappointed. Costs mainly depend upon the kind, quantity, arrangement of flowers and the occasion. The team feels glad to offer wedding consultation free of charge.

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How to Choose a Wedding Florist

Having flowers on your wedding, it is one of the important elements to take into consideration. The flowers will not only provide decoration and colour, but it is also meant to show rebirth, growth and life. By having the right flowers at your wedding, it will become the topic of conversation after the dress and the food.   To achieve this, you will need to choose the best wedding florist Pittsburgh.

How to get the florist

Many of the wedding websites have a list of the vendors and they include their pricing information, the reviews and the photos.  While visiting these florists, check if you like how they arrange their flowers, if the flowers are bright and fresh or if the shop is organized and clean.


The right florist will be having experience in the wedding and he can be having the photographs of the old wedding flower arrangement or bridal bouquets.  While looking for the pictures check if they are comprehensive and recent and do not show only one bouquet. They should show the centrepieces also.

Talk about your own idea

Get the sample of the dress of the bridesmaid and show the florist about the floral arrangement or the bouquet you like most.   You can make up a Pinterest board about the wedding ideas and you may share the URL with a vendor before you two meet.

roses-1420725_1920While talking with the florist, ensure that he seems receptive to the idea you are giving and if he can understand what you are talking about. You should not work with the florist who is pushing you to choose something else or who are criticizing you because of the choice you made.  You should also let them know the budget you have in mind.

When do you have to book for the wedding florist

This can depend on how long you will need in order to plan for the wedding but the best time is to start looking for wedding florist Pittsburgh in six months to the wedding and to have a contract in 4 months of the wedding.

Before you go to see the florist, make sure that you have the following information:

  • Where the wedding will take place and the number of the arrangement required to decorate them. You may need to get a garland or a chuppah.
  • The area where you have booked for the reception: you need to get to know the prominent colours of such venue, to ensure that the colours will not clash. You may have to decorate the guest tables, entryway, restroom and coat check room
  • You should have in mind the number of the people who will attend your wedding since you will need it to decide on the number of the centrepieces to get.

Best Picks at Gidas Flowers

Flowers always give significance to any event, Gidas flowers are your great source for the best picks for any occasion or event that you may want to attend. Visit our shop or our website to order your flowers, our wonderful staff will assist you in a fun and friendly environment.

For Valentines, we have the Dozen Short Stern Red Roses. Beautifully arranged dozen roses with short stems placed in a clear vase with baby’s breath. These will surely wow your partner; you can add a box of chocolates or a plush bear just to spice up things. We also have Mixed Color Long Stem Roses just to add a bit of color to your valentines away from the traditional red, flowers will come in a clear vase.

best pittsburgh florist
Gidas Flowers

For birthdays we have or Dendrobium Orchid bouquet, an exotic, beautiful purple orchid arranged in a clear glass vase. These can be a fantastic pick along with any other gift you would have bought. For brighter beautiful scenery try our Sunflower Bouquet. They come arranged beautifully in a blue vase, they will see clearly standout indoors or outside. Your loved ones deserve the Wonders of nature basket, included are daisies, alstroemeria, lilies, monte casino and greens this will a very colorful present for your loved ones

If you are looking to give someone a house warming gift why not come to Gidas flowers and pick out some of our wonderful flowers. You can pick our Kalanchoe plant with pink blooms and a lot of plush green this is a great pick for an indoor plant. For indoors also you can get our Bromeliad flowers, this 6-inch flower comes in a wicker basket and will add some great presence as a corner piece.

flowers for valentines
flowers for valentines

If you are looking to spice up your garden, we also have flowers that suit your liking. We or small dish garden plants. It’s a mix of plants set together in a wicker basket. Your garden may use some Spathiphyllum or Peace lilies, these lilies will fit perfectly in your garden setting they come in medium size and large size in the basket.

For those with a more exotic taste in flowers, Gidas flowers will have you covered. One of the best picks is the Tropical Paradise, it brings more tropical tone to your house perfectly put together by our floral team and it will surely catch the eye of anyone who gazes on them. Another exotic pick that is favored by many customers is the Birds of a feather. It contains Birds of paradise, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Lotus Pods and palmetto flowers.

There are a lot of flowers to pick in store, make sure to visit our store or website. Our staff will assist you, and we also offer personal combos if you want personalized flower arrangements in different vases. Gidas flowers are the best Pittsburgh florist, and we guarantee you the best service and the best local and exotic flowers available. We offer same day delivery also on selected flowers and delivery can be affected by the availability of the type of flower you need.

Benefits of Buying Flowers Online

Benefits of Buying Flowers Online

Flower shops are making everyone head turn with the kind of services that they are offering you. Online portals of these flower shops have not only ensured that you get best flowers fr every occasion but can also ensure that you get a wide variety of choices to choose from. There are many more benefits of getting flowers from an online vendor like Oakland florist, let’s have a look at some of the benefits that are on offer.

When you purchase flowers at Oakland florist, you can find many varieties. Make certain; they will send you the Flowers you requested fit as a fiddle just; else it will be damage to their notoriety and trust me; they are extremely specific about that. They will never send you flowers which can’t be utilized; the Flowers will be sound and if you requested a bundle; make certain it will be precisely fit as a fiddle you saw it on their site. In this way, it must be clear to you that there are a lot of substantial motivations to go for online Flower shopping:

Efficient and bother free

The whole procedure of selecting the Flower and after that purchasing it on the web is efficient. You can observe diverse sorts of Flowers from the solace of your home and that too with a couple of clicks. If you need, you can see your preferred same bundle with flowers. You can modify the centerpiece flower at your decision too. Thus, on an entire, it is doubtlessly of less bother to get the most loved Flower of your cherished one in the right and coveted shape.

Costs are less

It must be recollected that offering Flowers online is another pattern regardless it requires some an opportunity to be as prominent as purchasing flowers from the Oakland florist. Anyway, what is the quickest approach to be famous? Give quality item that too at a less expensive cost. This is the same strategies these online Flower shops are taking after and as a client, it will be a smart thought to exploit this. These shops, for the most part, give rebates at a mass rate to pull in their clients.

Once in a while, rebates are given at conveyance cost or bunch plan charges also. Inquiries can emerge in your psyche that how they can give such rebates? The answer is straightforward when they keep up an online Flower shop; the procedure gets simple. The Flowers are not required to be conveyed to the shop from the homestead where they are developed.

Extensive variety of items

Like some other e-trade website, locales which offer flower online additionally have an extensive variety of Flowers. It turns out to be verging on outlandish for a shop proprietor to keep every one of his items in a little shop and the upkeep turns out to be a significant feverish occupation too. Along these lines, it is significantly more advantageous for him or her to show flowers or blessing things online and consequently, they pull in new clients.

The Reasons why you should Hire a Florist for your Wedding

The Reasons why you should Hire a Florist for your Wedding

For many weddings, the brides will want to have the best flowers they may find around. The flowers will be available in the beautiful bouquet, in the hair and they will be available in many areas in beautiful blooms. However, even if you are aware the flowers are important part of your wedding, the next important think to look for is the Pittsburgh florist who will help you to get the flower you dream about.

Some people do not understand why they should use the florist in the first place when they can do the flower arrangements on their own.  However, this is not an easy job for most people. The florist should collect, buy and outsource the flowers you want to have and they will have to visit the flower markets too early, to negotiate with the sellers and to make the decisions at the last minute if there is any need to change something about your flowers.

The flowers should be fresh so that they can last for a long period. The florist should know how long it can take to put the bouquets together, the arrangements and the buttonholes to ensure that they will look perfect at the right time.  This may include working even late night on the day of your wedding.

To make beautiful arrangements can take too much time. The work is fiddly and time-consuming. There is a need to do the wiring of the flowers, to put them in one size and to cut the stems.  The flowers are normally delicate and bulky, and they will deliver the buttonholes and the bouquets to you on the morning of the wedding while delivering the arrangements to the venue. This is most of the time in a customized van where the flower should stay safe and fresh.

The florist will be aware of where some arrangements may look better than other places, and they can display the most fragile petals where they will not be exposed to the heat. They can also work in the emergencies when there are squashed button holes, and they get extra stems to replace damaged stems in the case of the emergency.

Putting the flowers together is an art, so everyone will have his own creation.  Even if the flowers may be the same, the results of the flower arrangement are different.   Consider different florists and see how they work on their flowers. After deciding on the florists whose arrangements you like, then take the time to visit each one and talk about the idea and the style you have.   You may like the florist with a structured style while you may also like the one who have loose style; it is all up to you since you have to work with the people who share your vision.

When you have already the budget in mind, let the florist understand that he has to stick at it.  You can also save when you hire aspiring florists, they may be working with high-end florists, or they may be just finished the floristry course, and they want to establish themselves. They are likely to cost less.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Wedding Florist

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Wedding Florist

Are you planning to decorate your wedding stage with unique and beautiful flowers? Then, you need to hire a Pittsburgh florist who has ample experience in decorating the wedding stage and adding aesthetic details to the place. There are many people who are providing this service. However, you need to hire the one who meets your floral needs and budget. Undeniably, wedding is the big day in the life of every individual, and they want to make it special by taking care of every minute detail. In fact, decoration plays a key role in the wedding. The expert florist will transform the look of an ordinary wedding place into an elegant one by decorative the place with wild, simple, and exotic flowers. Undeniably, flowers will add wonderful ambience and beauty to the place that the flower decoration will pull the eye of every guest who make their presence in the event. More importantly, people hire florists as they have experience and knowledge in doing various flower arrangements. These people will take the requirement of the couple and carry out the arrangement as per their taste and desire. You can see the beauty of the floral arrangement in every picture that is captured in the wedding.

Undeniably, every bride and groom want beautiful and catchy floral arrangement in their wedding. If you are someone who wants to get the floral arrangement in your wedding to be the best, then you need to consider the below factors while hiring a wedding Pittsburgh florist.

Check the experience: When you are looking for a Pittsburgh florist to decorate the wedding hall with flowers, then you need to hire someone who a wealth of experience in this field. Also, you would need to read the reviews of the customers who have taken their services and are happy. In addition, you need to hire a person who understands your floral needs and bring out the best output that you have envisioned. These people will decorate the wedding hall with a unique theme that would definitely make your wedding arena look colorful and appealing.

Check the Knowledge: You need to hire the florist who has good knowledge on different types of floral arrangement that can be decorated at the wedding venue. More importantly, these people should arrange the flowers in the venue which looks fresh and spread sweet aroma in the entire venue place for a long time without getting wilted quickly. These people are aware of the challenges in adding aesthetic appearance to the venue by taking the climatic conditions of the space into consideration. They make sure to arrange the blooms that will remain fresh throughout the day in your climatic conditions.

Check the quality of service: There are a few florists who will undertake many floral decoration tasks on the same day and compromise on the quality of the arrangement. You need to hire the florist who assures quality. For that, you would need to check the number of wedding decorations that they do every day and the staff they are equipped with. This will let you decide whether or not to hire them.

Check the connections of the florist: The florist who has a good network would be able to supply and decorate the type of flowers as per your taste. Basically, for a local florist, it would be a daunting task to get the exotic and unique flower to arrange the wedding stage, but for a professional florist who has connections with the flower sellers across the globe will help you get the flower you need and decorate the venue as per your heart’s desire.

What You Should Know About Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers Pittsburgh is a decent approach to express sensitivity in a way that words can’t. It demonstrates the individual that you give it a second thought and are thoughtful in what they are experiencing. It is additionally a method for demonstrating admiration for the expired.

A florist will dependably include a sensitivity card with contact data on the back that will be recorded by the memorial service home. The lamenting families will welcome this, so they will know who to send affirmations too.

Feneral Flowers
Feneral Flowers

For the death of close relatives or close relatives or companions, it is fitting to send coffin splashes, crosses, and wreaths, standing showers or expansive burial service wicker container. For the death of a business friend or a colleague, memorial service wicker bin, crisp blossom courses of action, green or sprouting plants or dish greenhouses are proper.

A coffin splash is the funeral flowers Pittsburgh put on top of a coffin. Normally a half coffin shower is utilized for an open coffin; a full coffin splash is utilized for a shut coffin. For a remembrance administration, a vase or a wicker bin is suitable. The funeral flowers Pittsburgh can be something the dead cherished, or only a blend of a wide range of flowers that are engaging. Generally, flowers for a female would be more ladylike, and those of a male would be of a more manly assortment.

Funeral flowers Pittsburgh can be sent to the appearance, the congregation, or benefit and furthermore at the grave site. They can be set on a tripod stand or easel or in a burial service bushel. In some cases, a memorial service home will put a wicker bin or a vase on a platform when accessible. In the event that funeral flowers Pittsburgh are being sent after the memorial service, it is exceptionally proper to send the flowers to the perished individual’s relatives at their home.

Feneral Flowers
Feneral Flowers

A fireside wicker bin is a low took care of the crate which is typically put on the floor close to the coffin at the service. This is sent to the burial service home or church. A flawless plan can be made in this kind of bushel for the home too. A standard wicker container of flowers can simply be utilized too. This would generally be a substantial wicker bin with an assortment of flowers that is sent to either the burial service home or the home of the perished, or sent to the expired relatives.

Plants and dish greenhouses are regularly sent to the memorial service home or the home of the expired family. Flowering or green plants are likewise suitable. This gives the family something they can keep. A “cross” of flowers can be made on dry or wet formed froth or out of willow branches. There are numerous assortments to look over. These are extremely formal and can be sent to the memorial service home or the congregation where the administration will be held.

Funeral flowers Pittsburgh for inside the coffin comprise of a little arrangement of flowers that is put inside the coffin. Cases of these are nosegays, glossy silk crosses, glossy silk pads, and silk hats. These are typically sent by the youngest relatives or grandchildren. An extensive game plan in the state of a rosary where a solitary rose is set up of every rosary dab can likewise be hung from the cover of the coffin or set inside.

Advantages and disadvantages of Online Florist

These days, many sorts of organizations began working online. Among the organizations which are very prominent online are Oakland florists. Online Oakland florist gives a considerable measure of accommodation in requesting working and having them conveyed. Subsequently, many individuals buy and send flowers through them on various events like Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, birthday, weddings et cetera. These individuals swing to online flower shops and Oakland florist for obtaining and sending flowers because of their focal points, which are talked about beneath.

Online Florist
Online Florist

The above all else preferred standpoint is the comfort gave by these organizations. One can utilize their services from wherever they need the length of there is a PC with a web association accessible. This implies one can arrange flowers for his or her home, office or whatever another advantageous place. Additionally, their site is open round the clock because of which, a man can arrange at whatever point it is advantageous to him or her.

Besides, online Oakland florist has a vast assortment of clients to browse. They have diverse decorative layouts and bunch to coordinate distinctive spending plans and events. Plus, one can arrange flowers from another flower vendor in the event that one of the florists working on the web does not have the particular flowers that he or she needs. This is to some degree troublesome with neighborhood florists since a man needs to browse whatever is accessible.

Thirdly, the costs of the Oakland florist working online are very steady and low when contrasted with nearby flower specialists. The costs are low because of the altogether less overheads. Also, such a business will probably have a set cost for their decorative layout and bunches.

Notwithstanding, similar to every single other thing, online florists do have a few inconveniences too. Because of this, a few people are mindful while utilizing them. A portion of the disservices of requesting flowers from them as opposed to utilizing a neighborhood Oakland florist are said below:

Firstly, there is an absence of customized services when utilizing an online flower shop. At the point when a man uses a nearby flower specialist for a long time, he or she can get customized benefits because of the great relationship framed with the florist. In addition, an Oakland florist can give the client profitable exhortation, which an online florist won’t not have the capacity to give.

Also, one can’t evaluate the nature of the flowers when requesting them through an online Oakland florist. For instance, a portion of the flowers they send might be in full sprout, while another might be as yet maturing or nearing the end of their life. One can’t perceive what nature of the flowers that are being sent since the photographs used to portray the flowers are the ones taken when they are in full sprout.

Thirdly, there is a danger of delicate budgetary data being gone on through the web when one is making installment for the flowers. On the off chance that a man uses a sheltered and secure administrator, then this impediment can be overcome effortlessly.

In this manner, it can be seen that online Oakland florists have both points of benefits and disadvantages. In any case, they are still prominent as a method for sending blooms over the world.

Different Types of Wedding Florist to Choose From

When it comes to planning a wedding, everything will have to be planned well including the wedding flowers Pittsburgh. It is intimidating when it comes to choosing the design of the flowers you want and the skills needed for wedding flower designs; it is not a skill that everyone will have. When women are confronted by the prospects, many people do not know what to go for.

However, you should know that you are not alone, but the florists are here to help you out while looking for the best wedding flowers you can find.  To achieve the best flower design you can get, you also have to start by getting the best florist.

Wedding Flower
Wedding Flower

Are you looking for a floral designer or a florist: when it comes to looking competent florist: he should be able to produce expert flower arrangement for the weddings.   You should keep in your mind that there are many options you have than just going to the source at once.  Even if they may use a third party supplier, it is always good if you hire an independent floral designer and it is the best option for the couple that wants to get a special floral motif on the big day.

The floral designer is more expensive, but he is also an artist.  However, their service does not stop only with the flowers, and a floral design may also be a professional wedding decorator who will help in tying the flowers to make up an overarching theme and to make the wedding the best affair that you will always remember.

Even if it does not mean that the arrangements made by the florist will not be gorgeous, you will have to keep in mind that the florist will juggles within the dozens of the orders at once while a floral design will be focusing on you as a client to make sure that your wedding become the talk of the town.

When it is about a wedding, everyone is an amateur at a certain level. Everyone is expected to choose the best florist with the first trial. You will find other ways to get a florist than just picking one from the yellow pages, reading the anonymous reviews or visiting any florist you find around.

When it comes to getting wedding flowers Pittsburgh, word of mouth is important.  Anyone who has found herself going through the problems of planning a wedding, she will be delighted to give advice on what works and which does not work.

If you cannot find a friend to give you a recommendation, you should talk to the venue managers.  They have seen a number of wedding, and they are aware of who they can call good florist or not.

You already have in your mind the image that you want on your wedding. However, what it is hard is to make the florist understands it as you wish.  Even standard wedding flowers have other varieties.  You can do whatever possible to make sure that the florist got the idea. For example, you can clip the photographs from the magazine, collect the files or check the Facebook profiles for anything that may interest you.

Booking For Your Wedding Florist

Flowers are a valuable piece of your wedding. However, it is staggering what number of couples doesn’t know how to book their wedding florist Pittsburgh. Things being what they are, when do you begin booking your wedding florist Pittsburgh? Is a month enough time? No. You ought to consider your flower specialist around eight months ahead of time. Following a month of perusing around you ought to have chosen the botanical for your wedding gathering.

Things to Ask Your Wedding Florist

A couple of key things to consider while selecting flower are the hues and scene design. The botanical organization you run with should comprehend the format of the setting where the gathering will be held. This is essential for coordination’s with perishable things. You can get a wedding florist Pittsburgh work in a confined zone to build their pivot time. Likewise, your seller needs to comprehend what you require with flowers. A typical question they will ask is, “what number of tables needs centerpieces?” Depending on the season of year more often than not decides the shading utilized. Spring depends vigorously on pastels, while fall ties in extraordinary with lively oranges and profound reds. The flower vendor you pick ought to have proposals as to occasional flowers that work with your financial plan and hues.

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

Things being what they are, you’ve chosen your shading, meal corridor, and botanical store, now what? What do you take to your first botanical arrangement? Ensure you bring test pictures of how you imagine your wedding gathering. It is a smart thought to demonstrate to them a photo of your wedding outfit and in addition a photo of your bridesmaid’s dresses. This will make them consider conceivable botanical hues that work pleasantly with your points of interest. You need your merchant to know about the hues that they are working with, so they better comprehend your necessities.

While at your arrangement, you ought to be proactive by making inquiries. An essential question you can solicit from wedding florist Pittsburgh is to see a portfolio from their late work. At the point when seeing their work guarantees that their work is unique. The wedding florist Pittsburgh ought to demonstrate their unique work and not another craftsman’s work. While taking a gander at their portfolio, you will get a feeling of their style. Get some information about any recommendations they have as a main priority for your gathering.

As you are arranging your occasion, verify that you bear in mind the little subtle elements. Your wedding florist Pittsburgh needs to know the correct area of where the flowers will be conveyed. It may be useful to give them a guide a week prior to (a few offices have confounding formats). Attempt to be adaptable with your request. Along these lines, if something turns out badly with your flowers, they can be changed a minute ago.

All in all, in a perfect world you begin booking your wedding florist Pittsburgh about eight months before your wedding date. The prior you begin making arrangements for your weeding the better the result (and the less focused). A standout amongst the most pivotal focuses to consider while selecting a flower specialist is their capacity to address your issues. Before putting in that last request with your wedding florist Pittsburgh you ought to have the capacity to see what the flowers will look like on your huge day.