Month: May 2017

The Reasons why you should Hire a Florist for your Wedding

The Reasons why you should Hire a Florist for your Wedding

For many weddings, the brides will want to have the best flowers they may find around. The flowers will be available in the beautiful bouquet, in the hair and they will be available in many areas in beautiful blooms. However, even if you are aware the flowers are important part of your wedding, the next important think to look for is the Pittsburgh florist who will help you to get the flower you dream about.

Some people do not understand why they should use the florist in the first place when they can do the flower arrangements on their own.  However, this is not an easy job for most people. The florist should collect, buy and outsource the flowers you want to have and they will have to visit the flower markets too early, to negotiate with the sellers and to make the decisions at the last minute if there is any need to change something about your flowers.

The flowers should be fresh so that they can last for a long period. The florist should know how long it can take to put the bouquets together, the arrangements and the buttonholes to ensure that they will look perfect at the right time.  This may include working even late night on the day of your wedding.

To make beautiful arrangements can take too much time. The work is fiddly and time-consuming. There is a need to do the wiring of the flowers, to put them in one size and to cut the stems.  The flowers are normally delicate and bulky, and they will deliver the buttonholes and the bouquets to you on the morning of the wedding while delivering the arrangements to the venue. This is most of the time in a customized van where the flower should stay safe and fresh.

The florist will be aware of where some arrangements may look better than other places, and they can display the most fragile petals where they will not be exposed to the heat. They can also work in the emergencies when there are squashed button holes, and they get extra stems to replace damaged stems in the case of the emergency.

Putting the flowers together is an art, so everyone will have his own creation.  Even if the flowers may be the same, the results of the flower arrangement are different.   Consider different florists and see how they work on their flowers. After deciding on the florists whose arrangements you like, then take the time to visit each one and talk about the idea and the style you have.   You may like the florist with a structured style while you may also like the one who have loose style; it is all up to you since you have to work with the people who share your vision.

When you have already the budget in mind, let the florist understand that he has to stick at it.  You can also save when you hire aspiring florists, they may be working with high-end florists, or they may be just finished the floristry course, and they want to establish themselves. They are likely to cost less.