Brides Guide About The Wedding Flowers Part-II

We have discussed the wedding flowers Pittsburgh that can be used in the first six months of the year. We are aware that your wedding flowers are the biggest part of your wedding, and if they are more sensational and more warming, then it will add more glamour and looks at your wedding event. If you add some centerpieces to the wedding venue by adding these flowers to it, then it is one of the best designs that you will never see anywhere. We have already discussed the flowers of the first six months. Now, here is the list of all the flowers that suits in the next six months of the wedding. Have a look at all these flowers.

Wedding Flowers Pittsburgh
Wedding Flowers Pittsburgh

1. Meadow Flowers:
You can add meadow flowers to the wedding event or the bouquet. The meadow flowers including Astrantia, Stocks, Lupins and Delphiniums, if mixed with other easily available herbs such as mint, dill, thyme or rosemary, then it will add more fragrance and more color to your beautiful and elegant bouquet. Add more summer touch to the event by adding some pastels to it.
2. Garden Roses:
One of the most romantic flowers with more exquisite and nostalgic appearance is the garden rose that is best suited in August. Every bride dreams of carrying these roses in their bouquets to the wedding day. These roses are available in all the colors including red, pink, white and cream, so if you want to match these garden rose with other things on your wedding, then you can easily do it because of the wide availability of different colors.
3. Scabious:
The scabious is the flower of September. The best flower for the late summer wedding is Scabious, and it is the perfect one if you want to add some different touch with more sensations to the venue. These flowers are available in different colors ranging from creams to pale blue. This delicate flower is used to give a more sensational and soft look to the event.
4. Late Summer Stocks:
Most of these flowers are easily available in the late summer or early autumn as they have the best and soft stems that can be utilized while decorating the wedding flowers Pittsburgh. These are the last ones in the list of summer flowers and after this one, you will have to shift to berries and foliage to get the best bouquet. The basic advantage of using the late summer stock in October is that it adds more height to the wedding designs. Along with that, you can add more fragrance to your event by adding these flowers to the list.
5. Viburnum:
If you are interested in architecture, and you want your wedding venue to be a complete showpiece of your great work of art, then use this Viburnum in the month of November to create the best architectural designs.
6. Foliage:
Finally, at the end of the year, we are only left with foliage in December. You can add more foliage such as silver brunch, Eucalyptus or Spruce to the wedding venue to earn more fragrance with better designs.


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