Brides Guide About The Wedding Flowers Part-I

Brides Guide About The Wedding Flowers Part-I

You must know which wedding flowers are trending in the season where your wedding has been fixed. Does it look good to carry the flowers of the summer season at the wedding held in the autumn? Not! There is a guide to these flowers. Whether you want these Pittsburgh flowers for the decoration of your entire venue, or you want these for the bouquet that you will carry on your memorable day. If you have the best wedding florists in Pittsburgh, then you don’t have to worry about anything because all the florists usually know most of the things and most of the flowers that are suitable for different seasons. If you want the proper knowledge of every flower, then have a look at all these wedding flowers Pittsburgh and plan your best wedding according to the season.

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

1. Gypsophila:
Gypsophila is the flower of January. This is one of the best choices if your wedding is planned in one of the harshest seasons. You can use the flower and keep it with you for the entire day as it doesn’t need any water for the whole day.
2. Ranunculus:
The beautiful ranunculus belongs to the February. The stylish Ranunculus has a stem like a rose that is widely available at the start of the spring and is appear in a wide variety of colors, but the blush pink is very famous for the wedding seasons.
3. Lilac:
Lilac is apparently the flower of spring and is suitable for all the weddings held in March. You can add more value to your bouquet by cutting the stems and using the bulb only or in any way that you want. Moreover, the fragrance will add more sensation to the venue.
4. Lily of the valley:
The beautiful Lily of the Valley belongs to April, and it’s flowering season is highly short as the peak of the flower appears in the month of April. So, it’s better to use Lily of the Valley as the spring flower.
5. Peoples:
The highly requested Pittsburgh flower is Peony that is most demanding in the month of May, and it is available in a variety of colors. One of the major advantages of these flowers is that they can fit any theme for the wedding. This versatile flower is used in a variety of designs. Add the people to your wedding theme and remember them till the end of the time.
6. Hydrangea:
One of the perfect flowers for the wedding includes the Hydrangea that is highly requested in June. This summer flower is available in a variety of colors, and you can get these flowers if you want in any color and get a perfect color scheme for these flowers. You can add very simple designs to very difficult designs in your wedding venue by using Hydrangea with different designs. Most of the people now use this Pittsburgh flower in their summer wedding to add more freshness to the event.


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